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Don’t Stress?

Don’t Stress? Easy to Say

Stress is an inevitable part of architectural education and practice but is often overlooked, and rarely spoken about. It is one of many commonalities that tie all students of architecture together regardless of which part of the world they come from or studied in.

Stress in architecture is universal.

This symposium will bring the subect to the forfront by providing a platform for open and honest discussions about all the different perspectives and nuances regarding the topic. Most people might feel that the pedagogical methods in architecture school inherently induce stress, while others might feel that this isn’t a real problem because it is seen across the board at the top of every discipline.

To navigate these different viewpoints and hopefully start an ongoing discussion, there will be 3 questions asked which the panelists will discuss;

Should architecture schools reduce work load?

Does architecture school take your mental health into account?

Is the all-nighter model outdated?

We hope to see many opinions and inputs from YOU, our audience. Be sure to tune in live on YouTube. Read the full brief too.