About Us

Who are we?

We are MAD. A collective of 5 individual architecture influencers who have come together to tackle issues we face as students and designers within the built environment. Our goal is to provide a positive impact on young people through a collection of symposiums, resources and other ventures.

Projects by People

In a world where people often get consumed by projects, we offer something different. Something that generations before us couldn’t have. Social media has changed everything.

Our ultimate goal is to create an ACTIVE social network, a 24/7 support system, a forum… a global studio. A place where people can build real relationships with real people on a global scale.

Traveling is the best way to meet new people, but not everyone gets these opportunities. We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity and the chance to connect with the rest of the world.


At the dawn of the modernist movement, the symbiotic relationship between architects worldwide enabled the adaptation of common design principles and practices. Industrialization made this possible, however, with time the idea of common purpose faded. We believe that through technology, the architectural discipline can be transformed from its current state, to a level where the whole industry is working towards a common goal.

We have taken the first step in realizing our goal by creating ARK (Architecture Revival Kit) – An initiative that aims to contribute towards the evolution of architecture and the global convergence of the architecture community, through a host of platforms.


:scale is an architecture platform that aims to provide a collaborative space for designers to experiment, share and grow their skills. The archi-community is a core part of the ethos at :scale and we strongly believe in exchanging tips, building skills and engaging with fellow students from around the world.

Some key areas we focus on include productivity, software and a balanced lifestyle as an architecture student.

Two Worlds Design

Two Worlds Design is a philosophy. The outer world – environment and matter – has a direct effect on our inner world – perception and our senses. TWD is focused on understanding how humans experience ‘space’ & ‘place’ and learning about how our behaviour responds to it.

This is a long-term research initiative and therefore TWD operates as an open-source platform for sharing progressions in its explorations. The main manifestations of the initiative aim to make major progressions in Architectural Psychology and Adaptable Architecture.



ARCHLOGBOOK was created to empower young architectural students and architectural designers. By giving access to architectural concepts, practice and tutorials, we aim to establish a common database of technical knowledge.

We believe that knowledge-sharing in this digital era is important for your efficient work and frees you more time to solve bigger problems.

In the process, we also hope that we create a new generation of ARCHLOGGERS, who freely create, document and share architecture.